Our Books


We bind our books with the same professional-quality hardcover binding that you’ll find in books sold at boutique art shops and bookstores. It’s durable, built to last and, to put it simply, it just looks good.


Our books are printed on 100 pound matte text FSC-certified archival papers. While that may not mean much to you now, your great-great-grandkids will appreciate it. The paper in our books not only comes from sustainable forests but it’s made and tested to last for centuries.


Our book covers are handcrafted from archival book board, stamped with silver foil and wrapped in Sturdite – a cotton material that looks and feels like leather but is stronger and more durable.

The Little Things

Black satin bookmarks, decorative headbands, silver foil stamping, premium end papers and fly sheets – special touches you’ll definitely notice.